At Audio Works Sound Studio, our mission is to provide clients with professional quality audio in a relaxed, comfortable environment while maintaining reasonable prices. Whether your needs lie within such genres as rock, country, gospel, or bluegrass, whether you are a single artist, full band, or need a radio spot or voiceover, Audio Works is here for all your recording needs.

Owner Mark Lambert is a music industry veteran of over 25 years who began his musical journey as a boy singing and playing piano in church. Even at a young age, Mark knew that music was what he wanted to do with his life. After high school, Mark toured and recorded through the early and mid-eighties as the lead vocalist of a popular local rock band. In 1988, Mark moved to Nashville to be closer to the music industry. During his time in Nashville, Mark not only developed a greater appreciation for country music, but also began his foray into musical recording and production. This interest in production was refined by collaboration with industry professionals. After interning at several large studios, Mark began to experiment with recording and production of his own. In the early nineties, Mark returned to his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, continuing to polish his songwriting, musicianship, and production skills. Shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, he was commissioned by a national charitable organization to write and perform a tribute to the victims of the attacks. Mark’s song “Freedom Lives On” was played on various radio stations to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11. Mark’s dream of owning a recording studio was realized in 2003 with the opening of Audio Works Sound Studio. As producer, Mark is passionate about the music he records, giving his clients’ music the same attention he would want for his own.

The studio was built as a full-service commercial facility with quality and comfort in mind. A musician himself, Mark understands the importance of getting the right sound for your project. That elusive ‘studio sound’ requires knowledge and experience. At Audio Works, we have recorded projects for such diverse clients as MTV, Nascar teams, universities, local malls, radio and TV stations and motivational speakers. Musicians from virtually every genre, including rock, country, jazz, bluegrass and gospel, have recorded with us, in groups and as solo artists. Our goal is to give your project the personal attention that it deserves, whether you need an inexpensive demo or a polished, radio-ready production. In today’s digital marketplace, anyone can buy a computer program and an inexpensive microphone and advertise as a recording studio. At Audio Works, however, we believe your music deserves top-quality microphones, preamps and mixing consoles. Even if you aren’t familiar with the importance of quality equipment on your sound, you will quickly recognize the difference when you hear your music recorded with the high-end equipment at Audio Works. Try the superior recording and affordable prices available at Audio Works. You will not only receive quality recording, but professionalism, dedication, and a great atmosphere as well. Hardwood floors, adjustable lighting and a private vocal booth combine to help you feel relaxed and creative. Walk in, dim the lights, and trust our engineering experience. Let us help you to create your project the way you’ve always wanted to do.