Studio Policy



50% deposit required to schedule studio time. Reserved dates are not confirmed until a deposit is received. Minimum session scheduled is 2 hours. All sales are final, All sessions should start at scheduled time as there are times when other clients are booked immediately following your session.

- The studio books for $60 per hour with an engineer.
- The studio books out for an 8 hour day rate of $420.00 with reasonable sanity breaks for engineer. Please note that clients are responsible for paying in full at the conclusion of each session.
- We are happy to burn reference CDs for you. After the first CD we must add a $3 per disc materials cost to your final bill. CD’s will be released upon receipt of payment.

- Cancellation or re-scheduling of a session (or sessions) should be a minimum of 24 hours notice.

- Begins from the scheduled start time of your session, not when you arrive. When a client is scheduled; usually the engineer has already been working for quite some time in preparation. Since bands require additional set-up time, they should arrive 30 minutes before scheduled time as billing begins at scheduled time or whenever engineer begins working, whichever comes first. You are not charged for the amount of time it takes (within reason) for your band to set up until the engineer begins working for you.
- Billing ends when the engineer is no longer working on your behalf. i.e. rough mixes are done, CD’s are burned, etc.
- Mixes and Masters require additional hours and must be paid for upon their completion..

- Our policy for active projects is to keep the project on our internal drives, and back it up to an additional firewire drive at the end of each days work. We are also happy to back it up to your personal drive at the end of each day as well.
- After the completion of your project, your files will be deleted from our system. We do not keep files in our system indefinitely once a project is finished. They can be backed up as a master onto an external hard drive that you have purchased or a master DVD or hard drive can be purchased from us.

The client who has made the booking with us is financially responsible for any damage to our facilities or equipment by anyone in attendance at your session. Absolutely no non-essential personnel are allowed in the studio. No drugs or alcohol allowed in the studio or property. We reserve the right to discontinue working with a client who is behaving inappropriately, belligerently, or violating studio policy in any way.

As more and more clients have requested that we send and receive files via email, we reserve the right to charge for this service as it can take a considerable amount of time and is priced depending upon the size of the files.